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All the hardships of moving to the new city

I think this article won’t be as happy and positive as the rest of them.

I can definitely say I had a unique welcome experience. Sadly, it wasn’t in a good way.

So to start with the first thing: my arrival day. It was the 4th of September. It was a difficult decision to make to come to Greece because, sadly, the 4th wave of Covid-19 just started. I was very anxious the day of arrival, just waiting to see if I will be allowed to travel and come to Thessaloniki. Luckily it went well, so after two flights I’m finally in Greece!

Eleni Kavazidou came and picked me up from the airport to go to Ikea to buy the necessary things for my apartment and to have a quick bite to eat. After that we went to the apartment and the nightmares began.

Because nobody lived there for about one month the place was in a disarray. The water heater (boiler) was broken and it leaked all over the bathroom walls so the place was full of mold. Also the kitchen sink was broken so it destroyed the kitchen cabinet. It was very upsetting to come after a long trip to see the bad state of your future place to live.

So my first days were very tiring and stressful, waiting for all things to be fixed. Luckily the most stuff was redone in the first week, with just a couple of things that were prolonged to the next one.

Long story short it was a very stressful experience of all the things that can go wrong when moving to another country. Hopefully, next weeks will be a blast so it will erase all bad memories!

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