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First trip: Visiting lovely Perea

Last Sunday I went on my first trip visiting a place called Perea near to Thessaloniki. This place was suggested by Eleni Kavazidou (my supervisor) who accompanied me on this trip.

Perea is a very beautiful place, with a long beach and a lot of cute coffee shops and bars. Overall it is the perfect place for your first morning coffee where you can enjoy the smell of the sea, sounds of seagulls flying around and the feeling of sun on your skin.

We were also very lucky and we had a chance to watch the first of many marathons that are held every year. It was an interesting experience and there were a lot of people running.

After our coffee we went to Panorama to get breakfast. I tried the traditional food called bougatsa, which is a Greek breakfast pastry with various fillings. I tried it with beef minced meat and cheese. It was super delicious.

Panorama is also famous for its desserts, especially the one called trigona. Of course once there, I had to try it. It was amazing and I will definitely have it again.

It was a nice trip and a perfect way to recharge our batteries for Monday!

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