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Treasure Hunt in Karatasiou Park

Esai en Roi is running since 2022 a school program Deus sive Natura.

For the current year several schools have expressed intention of participation in the activities of the specific program.

Two of those are the 4th Preprimary School of POlichni and the 4th Primary School of Polichni.

Being in the middle of the process, they organize with our support and guidance a Treasure hunt within the x-Karatasiou Park, which we have named the Park of the Bird-Signs (Park of OIONOUS)

Oionoi mean in ancient greek birds that transfer special messages of higher significance for the near future or the destiny of a person.

The students together with the teacher decided to create a Treasure Hunt based upon questions they created that derived from their newborn knowledge about ecoawareness and with several topics with historical and social interest, relevant with the history, local businesses and social status of the neighborhood.

Thus, we invite all the locals and some friends as corresponders from abroad to participate to this treasure hunt, which will be held on Sunday, 18 February 2024, 10:00-12:00 CET at x-military camp, potentialy, Karatasiou Park.


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