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My city where I come from is Cagliari, the capital of Sardinia, which is an island of Italy and is considered Southern Italy. But being an island it changes in some ways compared to Italy in general.

We are famous for the best beaches in Europe and the crystal clear sea, but Sardinia is not just the sea in the center there are many countries with a lot of culture that you could get to know especially in autumn thanks to various festivals that do just to make known the tradition and the food of that particular place. Even during the carnival period for the various parades with traditional costumes I highly recommend going there, as well as in May for the feast of Sant'Efisio where you can see the Sardinian costume that was the dress that was worn so long ago that changes country to country.

Cagliari being the largest city has lost some of the typical Sardinian traditions that you can find more in the towns, especially the Sardinian language is not much spoken only by the elderly, and it is a shame because we lose something that is typical of ours. But at the same time you can find our food and the welcome that distinguishes us, as well as a lively and young city, especially on weekends you will always see people around the center, but also outside because we all use the car so you can find life everywhere.

The flaw of our island that is not really well known, only the area of ​​Porto Cervo for the rich, but that for us is not Sardinia, the rest of the island instead is, with various characteristics and traditions, as well as the few connections that we have more in the summer, because unfortunately we have never been seriously considered in a more open policy for tourism and exchange for the whole year.

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