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Setting up a table and theater in Karatasou Park


On Saturday, March 27, Elena, her family and I did a great thing for the park, maybe at first it doesn't work that way, but we did. Apart from the fact that the whole family participates as an example to other families, in the realization it also contributes to the improvement of the environment not only for us, but for all visitors to the park.

In the morning around 7 o'clock, Elena and I came to the park, after us came her father who brought the palaces from which we made a small theater. After that, we went to buy paint, protective varnish for the palaces, and paints for the protection of the table. At the same time, Elena's family came and helped us paint the pallets. When we finished it all, waited for it to dry, we had the idea to take sprays and paint something on pallets, so we went and bought it, then we decorated it. I have to mention that this idea came about the day before and that it was realized the next day, in so little time, I am very proud and that day was really unique with a lot of laughter and fatigue hehe. :) FOREVER IN MEMORY!


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