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The presentation of the Pavlos Melas Municipality strategic Plan for getting more green and eco-friendly

Updated: May 12

The Mayor of Pavlos Melas Municipality, Mr. Dimitris Aslanidis and the Deputy Mayor of Technical Works, Infrastructure & Sustainable Mobility, Mr. Charalambos Mageiropoulos invited EER to the presentation of the necessity, preparation methodology, results and proposed interventions of the Municipality's Urban Accessibility Plan (UAP) Pavlou Melas, funded by the Green Fund.

The event took place on Thursday, April 25 at 12:00, in the Municipal Council meeting room, at the "Christos Tsakiris" Cultural Center, 3rd floor, Lagada 221, Stavroupoli.


The Urban Accessibility Plan (UAP) determines the points of the required interventions, configurations and constructions and identifies the accessible linear routes between them, in order to create at the municipality level, a network of accessible movements to basic shared and public uses.

In the context of the preparation of the S.A.P. the existing sidewalks / footpaths / light traffic roads, crossings / islets, free green spaces / squares / groves, parking areas and the entrances of public buildings / buildings that host shared or communal uses are studied and evaluated.

According to the analysis and assessment of the above, point and linear interventions are proposed, in order to form an accessible network of routes, accessible public spaces and accessible public buildings, which will improve the quality of life of residents and visitors and create a friendly, accessible and safe urban environment for all.

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