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Meeting #03 of the Town Planning Committee of Karatasiou Neighbourhood

Meeting of the Town Planning Committee of the Karatasiou Park Neighborhood on March 10, 2023.


Record number 3/10-03-2024

At the Polichni Chess Club, Alkiviadou 10, opposite Karatassiou Park, in March 10, 2024, Sunday at 11:00 a.m., the minority of the members of the Karatassiou Park Neighborhood Planning Committee, hereinafter PEG, have been met in a live meeting, as provided by the 194/2023 Decision of the Municipal Council (ADS) of the Municipality of Pavlos Mela.

Particilarly, the representatives of 6 clubs participated in the meeting as it follows:. PERKA (Mortzos Yiannis)

Association of Parents & Guardians of Polichni 2nd High School (Tsarsitalidis George)

PROTECTA (Makavos Georgios)

Esaei En Roi (Ioannis Fragoulis and Eleni Cavazidou)

OAGO Anti-Flying Association (Kiosides, Paris)

EAGLES of Polichni (Stavridou Irini)

During the meeting have been also present Mr. Sakis Lazaridis (x-Vice Mayor of Pavlos Melas Municipality) and the PhD candidate, Mr. Vangelis Vragoteris (AUTH). Based on the Statute, there was no quorum for the 2nd time in a row. But it was a very beautiful, civilized and constructive discussion. The common goal of all of us is for the PEG to move forward and find ways to overcome any dysfunctions that have been created so far.

It is deemed necessary to reformulate important points of the PEG Statute.

For this reason, a new meeting has been arranged on Sunday 04/07 at 11:00 a.m. in the same place. All members and friends are requested to attend, to proceed to a starting point, that will facilitate the main purposes of the PEG, which require flexibility, action and participation.

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