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Meeting #04 of the Town Planning Committee of Karatasiou Neighbourhood

Meeting of the Town Planning Committee of the Karatasiou Park Neighborhood on March 10, 2023.


Record number 4/25-04-2024

At the Polichni Chess Club, Alkiviadou 10, opposite Karatassiou Park, in April 25, 2024, Sunday at 19:30 a.m., the minority of the members of the Karatassiou Park Neighborhood Planning Committee, hereinafter PEG, have been met in a live meeting, as provided by the 194/2023 Decision of the Municipal Council (ADS) of the Municipality of Pavlos Mela.

Within the representatives, ESAI EN ROI representative, Mr Yiannis Gragkoulis was also present and active!

After a fruitful discussion between the present members, the General Secretary of the Town Planning Committee expressed her satisfaction summarising the results of the meeting as follows:

"I really need to express my joy and satisfaction for our meeting today! For the level of discussion, understanding and the actions we implement. First the activation of our fb page. I will send the participants tomorrow and the rest regarding the application. For the information of the rest, there was no official quorum but we are initiating the change of the Statute as we agreed, we have informed and we will inform again. Let's all go together, each in the way and time he can. Developments are ongoing and everyone's contribution is needed! We all deserve a thumbs up and a good new start"


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