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Potentials of Karatasou Park

Karatasou Park has huge potential for various projects. I think it could become a real attraction not only for the citizens of Thessaloniki but also for tourists. By researching and what I have seen in other European cities, how their parks are arranged, what they offer, I think that all these ideas could be implemented in Karatasou Park as well. Projects that could be implemented in the future are:

1. Urban beekeeping

Why I put this in the first place, here's why:

What is the role of bees did you learn in elementary school, but did you remember that 85% of all plants depend on them? Bees pollinate about 250,000 species, making them their most important role in the ecosystem.

What was Einstein talking about? Plants and their fruits would not survive without pollination which means that then there would be no more food for animals and humans.

The importance of the bee for man and the world is manifold. We can talk about specific products that bees bring to us through their work, such as honey, royal jelly, propolis, pollen or pollen and wax, but also indirect bee effect, which is pollination of various crops and wild plants. The Pixelizam website lists fifteen important facts about bees that we know little about in everyday life, about honey production (food eaten by humans), the number of swings (11,400) per minute that cause buzzing, 170 odor receptors, visits from 50 to 100 flowers during one summer and for the average bee to produce 1/12 teaspoon of honey in its lifetime, their brain is oval in shape the size of a sesame seed, the queen lives up to five years, and in the summer months produces up to 2,500 eggs a day, each bee in the colony it has a unique smell and is recognizable by it, only worker bees can sting in self-defense (when a human sting tears off its sting and stays in a person's skin and the bee dies because of it), honey bees communicate through dance, bees are not born with knowledge making honey, rather than learning from the elderly, worker bees are actually sexually underdeveloped females, a bee colony consists of 20,000 to 80,000 bees and one queen, honey bees know the planet is round and can calculate angles to orient themselves, honey bees get a “job” in the hive based on their age.

I think people need to be educated about beekeeping and not just think about themselves but contribute to the community and improve living standards. It would be nice for this idea to take root in urban areas like Thessaloniki, and for people to open their eyes and help the ecosystem regenerate, and see for themselves that this way of life where we are facing ourselves is not going anywhere, and that we will be mentally and physically destroy ourselves, we are to blame for everything that happens to us.

2. Planting different types of trees

Karatasou Park has a lot of free space where we could plant new seedlings of different trees, and thus complete the eco-system of the park.Not only would it look nice, but the birds would get a new-better environment, they would expand the park ecosystem, it might also affect the arrival of new bird species not only birds but also insects and other animals in the park, increasing oxygen levels, all this is enoughreasons to start planting new trees.

3. Bicycle rental, bicycle stand

In many European cities we can see bicycles that can be rented for a couple of hours, a day, seven to 10 days. I think this is a good idea because it will not only help tourists to visit as many places as possible in a short time, but also citizens to explore new places, and to encourage and improve their physical activity.

In addition to renting a bike, it would be good to have a bike rack in the park, because people who come from remote areas with a bike have nowhere to leave their bike safely, and that people can enjoy socializing or an activity such as running without don't worry.

4. "Smart benches"

In my city, in Banja Luka, there are smart benches that charge all devices via solar panels, such as a telephone, has WiFi, has a display and can broadcast commercials and tourist movies, and thus energy circulates, and have energy efficiency, and motivate residents to go out to parks and work in nature and not to be constantly in the office or house.

5. Installing fountains in the park

I think this is a project that needs to be implemented as soon as possible.When I first came to Karatasou Park, I noticed that there were no fountains, which was strange to me, because in all parks in BiH we have fountains where citizens can drink water.I think this is very important, because I have noticed that a lot of people run and exercise in Karatasou Park and it would be nice to have drinking water.


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