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Actions of ART education MUSES innovation

High school students are invited to participate in outdoor artistic activities with the aim of highlighting particular inclinations in dance, theater, music, visual and audiovisual arts and working upon the topic of the Greek Revolution of 1821.

Place: KARATASOU Park (former camp)

Date: 05 June 2021

Celebration: World Environment Day

Approved Actions by the Ministry of Education: Φ.1 / ΔΝ / 74010/25625 / Δ

The groups can be combinations of students:

- within the same school> participants within the same school

- Inter-school> with the cooperation of school units of Gymnasium or Lyceum.

Mixed> with students of different grades with the following possible combinations:

- Gymnasium and Lyceum, mixed

- Gymnasium / Lyceum together with Professional Labs of Secondary Education for Disabled students

- Gymnasium / Lyceum together with Special Gymnasiums / Lyceums (for Disabled).

Students will have two hours to prepare a performance (music, dance, theater), audiovisual or visual creations. Activities will start at 11:00 and end at 13:30. Each group that finishes will come to the starting point, in order to invite a three-member committee to monitor the event and to make a relevant evaluation / advisory guidance. All participants will receive a relevant certificate of participation and non-formal learning of European recognition.

The artistic activities will take place outdoors and only with groups of 3-5 people for reasons of safety and protection for avoiding spread of the COVID19 virus.

All participants will have the right to participate in individual counseling activities in NOVEMBER 2021 and assessment of fitness, eating habits and individual counseling in the fine arts era, using the Holland professional barometer. Counseling activities are postponed to November due to the coronavirus pandemic and related adverse conditions.


-Cultural Organization of Macedonia Thrace


-Institute of Nutritional Studies and Research

-Constantine Research Center for Molecular Medicine and Biotechnology

-1st KESY of Eastern Thessaloniki

-Head of Cultural Affairs of Eastern Thessaloniki

The activity is part of the actions of the Networks:

-Youth Council Alliances

-Skillman Network


- European Solidarity Corps, INEDIBIM - Ministry of Education and Religions

Certified by:

- Ministry of Education and Religion (IEP)


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