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Idea is born: Teatro del movimento

This past few weeks of volunteering in YACeco project there was an idea that was festering and waiting for a moment to see the light of the day! The basic concept of the idea is to connect the art community with nature. In these difficult times where we are battling Covid-19 pandemic, people often felt trapped in their homes and were looking for a way to entertain themselves. In these times we understood the value that art has in our lives but also the importance to reconnect with nature. And from that idea was born: Teatro del movimento! The theatre that uses natural background as a stage for most amazing artistic pieces. But we needed to decide where to have our first pilot project implementation. Of course our choice fell on Karatasou park in which we already started and implemented so many projects to benefit our local community.

We have decided to buy all the necessary equipment for the best theatrical experience. That included different kinds of lights that can be operated outdoors, blankets and pillows for the sitting and other types of decorations. Also, we have decided to make benches from the pallets that we would paint and position them in the park. It’s important to emphasize that we tried to use the most sustainable, environmentally friendly and recycled materials. On Friday the 12th of November, we will have a presentation of this project. As a part of the event we will open a call for the local artistic groups to contact us for the future use of the space and equipment.

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