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Interview with Yiorgos Makavos, the president of PROTEKTA

Yiorgos is a police officer who volunteers at the same time and is a representative of two different organizations that have the same name "PROTEKTA" which means: "I protect myself and others." Its organizations deal with forest fire protection, rescue of people in crisis situations, environmental protection, solidarity activities such as blood donation, park cleaning, recycling activities, hold seminars such as improving the knowledge and skills of civilians how to protect themselves and others. .Yiorgos said that not only does everything matter, but the impact of these activities on new generations is important. Many students from several universities come to these organizations and write articles about what all organizations do. The organizations cooperate with the University of Athens, where they train students both theoretically and practically through trainings, how to save themselves in crisis situations, organize a seminar on AIDS These organizations have existed for a long time and civil society has introduced them to their work and they have the support of a large number of citizens. Many years ago, these organizations were dependent on municipalities, but today they are independent organizations without any dependence on anyone.


I must say that this meeting with Mr. Yiorgos was not only an interview, but also an invitation for his organizations to join the YOUNG COUNCIL ALLIANCES of 7. non-governmental organizations called "UMBRELLA" which would have national influence not only locally. "UMBRELA" would be composed of various organizations, such as: organizations that deal with young people, organizations that deal with sports, organizations that deal with art, organizations that deal with solidarity, research, environmental protection, etc.

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