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A volunteer of KAIZEN YOUTH for HEALTH supports a festival for Autistics

A volunteer of KAIZEN YOUTH for HEALTH supports a festival for Autistics

Chiara's Final Project: Major Contribution to the AUTISM FESTIVAL in Thessaloniki!!!

Chiara Matilde Alba Scarfo, left earlier than her project's presentation... because of COVID-19 co-factors. We were going to participate as co-organizers in the 1st Autism Festival in the region of Thessaloniki in 2-3 February 2022, before the departure of Chiara from Thessaloniki. UNfortunately, it was cancelled because of the COVID19 restrictions in the region.

Nevertheless, here and now.... the time has come! We invited Chiara to visit for two days our city, from Sardinia to Thessaloniki, just to attend and contribute to the festival that she had the idea of constructing a circular event, with painting, dancing, theater, sport activities and other events. The program has been simplified, but, many ideas have been kept and mixed with ideas of other members of the Organizational Committee.

Chiara was in the oragnizational committee and we are proud for her great work. The time has come to enjoy!

The organizers of the festival are:

  • Cultural Association of Autistics WE SPEAK FOR AUTISM

  • Local Political Group ANATROPI

  • Cultural Organization of Macedonia Thrace ESAI EN ROI

Special support for safety reasons: PROTEKTA Association of Civil Protection

The program of the festival is as follows:

2 April 2022, 18:00-19:30 || a livestream tribute to the international day of autism, where specialists and policy makers speak about the topic and contemporary challenges.

3 April 2022, 12:00-14:00 || a special event, with children, teenagers and youth with autism, playing together, enjoying several specially organized activities and initiating.

Several surprises are expected for that special day.

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