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Raising environmental awareness: Training the teachers

Updated: Jun 19, 2022

During my volunteering on a YACeco project I have dedicated time to meet and teach the teachers of Kdap Platon in Xanthi about roles that they have in raising environmental awareness in schools and students. We have organized two training sessions for them. First was held on October the 9th and in that session we learned and discussed basic terminology in Ecology, what are the greatest benefits that we receive from nature and what are currently the biggest problems in our approach to nature.

In our next session that was held on the 23th of October we used more non formal training tools for learning. We have discussed roles and responsibility of the individuals, volunteers, governmental and non governmental agencies and ultimately the roles of the teachers in promoting the good environmental practices. After that we have used an arts and crafts approach to present what we see as the most valuable part of our country's natures and what are the biggest environmental problems in them.

This group of teachers presented Greece seas as the most valuable natural ecosystem, while they saw littering and leaving open fires in forests as examples of individual neglect towards Greece nature.

I also wanted to do the same presentation for Bosnia and Herzegovina so that we can see if we share the same problems and concerns for the state of our nature in Greece and in BiH. In BiH our biggest natural treasure is definitely our aquatic ecosystems, especially our rivers and streams. Sadly, we have problems with conservation and protection of these ecosystems from their exploitation and destruction.

At the end of training seminars we made videos with messages for raising environmental awareness and for protecting our nature!


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