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Visiting Thasos

On Tuesday I had an amazing visit to the island Thasos. I traveled there with my supervisor Eleni and my social mentor Thomai for the purpose of attending the 9th DHIAfest 2021. This festival is conducted annually and this year it was taking place in 9 Greek cities. The festival is organized to discuss the difficulties that disabled people confront in their daily life and how we can create a better and more inclusive society for all of us. I also had the pleasure to speak about the situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina and what similarities or differences there are between Greece and BiH for inclusion and support for disabled people. I find that these types of events are great for promotion of the mostly NGO works in this area and also they create new ideas and maybe even a better approach for upcoming projects for social inclusiveness.

Before the event I had a little bit of time to explore the island. It is a very unique place that has such a special vibe. When you are seeing the ruins of Poseidon’s temple or coming close to the rocks and restless sea you will get a feeling of a place that is frozen in ancient times. But fair warning before visiting the island: if you want to see the museum and most of the island's attractions make sure that you are not visiting it on national holidays and Tuesdays because most of them are then closed!

But the visit is definitely worthed. Just traveling with the ferry boat is an amazing experience and I’m sure everybody will fall in love with it as much as I did once their feet touch the island sand.

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