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Meeting #06 of the Town Planning Committee of Karatasiou Neighbourhood

Meeting of the Town Planning Committee of the Karatasiou Park Neighborhood on May 31, 2024.


Record number 6/25-04-2024

At the Polichni Chess Club, Alkiviadou 10, opposite Karatassiou Park, in May 31, 2024, Friday at 19:00 a.m., 9 out of the 18 members of the Karatassiou Park Neighborhood Planning Committee, hereinafter PEG, have been met in a live meeting, as provided by the 194/2023 Decision of the Municipal Council (ADS) of the Municipality of Pavlos Mela.

Within the representatives, ESAI EN ROI representative, Mr Yiannis Fragkoulis was in Athens for the elections of the Hellenic Association of Film critics as to be substituted by Mrs. Eleni Kavazidou, EER Project Manager and Director of the Sports Dept.

A special guest was present, Mr. Mayiropoulos, Vice Mayor in the sector of the town planning off Pavlos Melas Municipality for hearing the expectations, suggestions and proposals of our committee as well as to make common plans for the further development of Karatasou activities and upcoming rapid urban changes: A 25% of the multidisciplinary park has been given to the Ministry of Health for building a Hospital of Cancer patients.

Moreover, a central line of the Thessaloniki Flyover ring road initial plan dramatically influences the interior of the physical environment of Karatasou Park. A central road passing over the park, without consideration of the upcoming pollution within the vital environment of the neighborhood and in disadvantage of the basic right of each local citizen to joy the nature. A number of several dangers are coming up with a part of a ring road within a beautiful upcoming park reconstruction, unique for its value and its potentials.

The Steering Committee is stating against this process highlighting the ecological footprints expected in disadvantage of the local community, the environmental sustainability and the quality of life perspectives within a city which strives for oxygen and revitalized air strength.

The Vice Mayor carefully listened the opposition of the Committee in benefit of QoL of Karatasou Neighborhood and promised to take under consideration their proposals with relevant argumentation regarding the assurance of conservation of a safe environment for the patients of the upcoming hospital, the local citizens and the environmental sustainability of a city full of air pollution and toxic industrial environments.

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