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WE ARE THE CHALLENGERS project - Principal Coordinator: VEDOGIOVANNE

Updated: Apr 5, 2021

WE ARE THE CHALLENGERS: A project for introducing youth to social inclusion activities


There are invited

- a local high school accompanied by a Physical Education Teacher

-a sports club with a typical and disabled population

- a FOOTBALL sports club

to participate in challenges

-of dialogue facilitation between social minorities and majorities

-solidarity actions in benefit of disabled

- quality of life deelopment of People with Special Needs, where young people are the pioneers.

It is therefore proposed the participation of young people aged 15 and over in the EUROPAthon Challenge where:

- High school students will share experiences related to sports and Paralympic Sports and will be trained on sports activities and sports career opportunities in Greece and abroad

- young athletes and sport funs will participate in in-house charity tournaments with the aim of donating their proceeds to an institution for the disabled

The winners will have the opportunity

-to meet other young European peers and share their concerns

-to maintain a communication network between them

- to meet representatives of each group of young people in the Alps of Italy in the summer of 2021 participating in various leisure sports activities (hiking on hills surrounding Lake Lago Maggiore, mountaineering, sailing, swimming, etc.).


Until April 15> deadline for registration

Until April 20> Announcement of groups of participants

Between April 20 and June 1> organization of tournaments and start-up of a cooperation network of new participants

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