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YACeco Deliverables

After a successful live event οn Friday, 13 November 2021 between 16:00-18:00, ESAI EN ROI comes near to the end of YACeco Project.

Below you can see some parts of the presentation and photos from the final deliverables.

  1. Review of Karatasou Park, Emela Fazlic

  2. Proposal for Karatasou Park , Emela Fazlic

  3. Proposal for Karatasou Park, Elena Todic

  4. Ecomapping Karatasou Park as a Creative Playground, Jelena Todic

  5. EcoGlossary (book) in English, Belma Nahic

  6. EcoGlossary (book) in Greek, Belma Nahic

  7. Thessaloniki's 21 EcoTreasure Map, Belma Nahic

  8. Teatro dale Movimento, Belma Nahic

  9. Setting a Table and a Theater in the -nearby to EER- park, Jelena Todic

  10. Training Courses - Raising Ecological Awareness, Belma Nahic

  11. Gatherings at a Park, Jelena Todic

  12. Proposals for Eco-Education in Schools, Belma Nahic

  13. Planting New Seedlings, Jelena Todic

  14. Cleaning Buildings, Jelena Todic

  15. Interviewing Local Policy Makers, Jelena Todic

  16. Sharing Opinions in DHIAfest Meeting Points, Belma Nahic

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